BEFC vs Hoshino FC (9vs9 in Shinagawa)

BEFC Tokyo Training
27th Sept (Sun)
Start: 21:00 - 23:00

As we have a long break before more TML matches due to Lions cancelling and the BEFC Friendly Cup, we thought it a good idea to try and stay sharp inbetween.
Trying to fit in the Embassy Cup instead of Lions didn't work because no other team wanted to play Silver Week either. So we've managed to schedule a 9 vs 9 match against Team Hoshino in Shinagawa.

Hoshino-san organises football matches in the Shinagawa area and often pits his own team against others J5 to J3, visiting team and sometimes TML teams. BEFC members have played on his team before for extra training but this is the first time we'll properly challenge Team Hoshino.

The games are on converted baseball fields with very nice astro, and 7 vs 7 sized goals. For proper 11 style training we need a bit of space to run in so rather than trying to play 11s or 10s on it 9 vs 9 is probably a better idea. Please register earlish if you want to play this because with the late time we have to be sure of numbers. You can also register and say when you'll confirm.

The matches are usually 4 x 20 minutes but it is up to us really. However this means anyone from the club can join and we can rotate players depending on who turns out.
We will have the pitch for 2 hours.

The price will be about ¥1,000 per player.

* Thank Chin for helping to organise this.