BEFC vs BFC 2018 FCJ Cup
March 31st (Sat)

The FCJ Cup Semi-Final against BFC! A special British Rival match and a place in the FCJ Final at stake!
In the previous season we went out of the cup to BFC on penalties after a very controversial goal from them kicking our goalkeeper. And then nearly doing it again at the end of the match. We've not forgotten this so revenge would be very sweet.
In the league we lost our first game against BFC quite heavily but largely due to our naivety and not having a proper squad due to all the injuries we have been having. BFC largely score by counter attack and use a target man and a fast striker. This combination works well for them, but we should be able to snuff this out.

Having said that it was BFC who put Hibernian out of the cup which is a huge achievement, so we need to be ready for a monumental match. Hibs did get their revenge in the league at 1 - 3 and recently BFC have lost to Panthers 3 - 5. So like us, their league form isn't great but they have that potential to be very dangerous.

This is the first time in a long time BEFC have been this far in the Cup, and a Cup Final is definitely what we need! With Celts and Pumas in the other semis there is a huge chance of full cup glory, as both those teams we know are good but no better than us. So if we can get out proper squads, be able to play our players in the right positions and not have last minute drop out issues we can totally do this!

Please commit strongly to this match and let's show what we can do!!

This match is at Shibuya Sports Center nice and early on a Saturday. I imagine we will be allowed on the field from 9:00, so let's try to get there early with that in mind.
Afterwards there is a nearby small hotel that has a nice cafe / bar area we can take over for some food and a chat.