BEFC End of Season Party and AGM

BEFC End of Season Party 2015
July 5th (Sun)
Party: 4pm ~ | AGM 2pm

The TML comes to an end as the Japanese Summer approaches. So before many of us head off on holiday its time to get together over a fine BBQ and regale each other with stories of this eventful season. The BEFC Summer Party is open to members and guests of members, so please just sign them up but as a seperate entry on the list because it is easier to count numbers that way.

The BBQ will cost ¥2,000 per person and is being held on the Embassy so all guests need to bring their photo ID.
In order to manage food and drink supplies the deadline to register for the BBQ will be Wednesday 1st.

Word from the powers that be is that it should be fine to arrive later to the BBQ as long as you have been registered. But we might eat all the food by then :p


Before the BBQ at 2pm we'll hold the Annual General Meeting for members interested in getting more involved and influencing how things are being done.
For the AGM members are encouraged to send items to add to the agenda in advance which will be discussed and decided upon at the meeting.
The list of all the items to be discussed will go out to everyone before the AGM. Then at the AGM the members present will decide matters which will be reviewed again in the Winter General Meeting.

If you plan to come to the AGM please write 'AGM' in the comments on the registration form.