BEFC vs Zion FC

BEFC vs Zion FC 2018
May 12th (Sat)

Another huge game for BEFC which in all probability decides who gets relegated to Division 2! BEFC are in the relegation zone 1 point behind Zion and a win for BEFC puts Zion in a heck of a lot of trouble considering both teams will have three games left, and one of those games for Zion is second place Pumas, then Panthers and Swiss Kickers. BEFC also have to play both Swiss Kickers and Pumas making the final run in a very close affair indeed. That's why this game is massive and highly likely the loser will join Sala in division 2 next season. A draw is simply not good enough for either side to contemplate.

BEFC have a good record over Zion who must really hate playing us. However they do see us as a rival and one to get countless revenge over, so they always put in 100% against us.
Zion's division 1 campaign hasn't been much different from our own with them also conceding much heavier defeats but springing some shock victories over FC International, Swiss Kickers and then less surprising but still somewhat Sala and Kanto Celts. We know Swiss were having problems at the start of the season, and got it back together just in time to play us, which wasn't very helpful. It is also implied Zion have some new players, and another team in a different league which makes them a different outfit depending on who turns up for them.

Nevertheless this a huge game for Division 1 survival, and we have to keep fielding our own strong line ups and keeping the form and way of playing we've been doing since the Sala and BFC victories. We know Zion don't like to play us, but we also know they will make a huge effort against us. We don't need to change the way we play, but we must play with the same passion, energy and awareness (discipline) we have in recent games. If we had been playing like this earlier in the season it's likely a lot more results could have gone our way! That's not saying we didn't play well, it means we have learnt the lesson of what BEFC needs to do to be a true division 1 side, and now if we play like we know we should the rest of D1 are going to be on the end of very different results.

However to enjoy that we need to stay up! And staying up starts here!