Shibuya Smile8 Sunday Social

Shibuya8 Sports Socials
12th March (Sun)
18:00 ~

Change of venue!

Sakura Cafe around the corner:

Link here:


After the Ladies competition in Shibuya and slightly related to St. Patrick's day, spurred on by a nearby sports bar that inexplicably has random pictures of cats all over it's Facebook page -- seems like a good idea for a Social!!!!

BEFC is a big club now (over 70+ members) with different groups playing TML 11s, 7s, Futsal, Ladies and friendlies. So there is a lot of crossover, and different people know each other well and also not at all. So as well as getting to relax with everyone you know already its also good chance to make the acquaintance of those who are BEFC members you've never met (famous, infamous or otherwise) !

Gremlin Sports Bar is next to Hatagaya station right near Shibuya Sports center. So after the Shibuya Smile8 tournament a group of us will head there and you should join us!
For some people it's time to get into St. Patrick's Day action, and also a good time for people to meet up in a casual manner as our footy season rockets onward.

The venue is a non-smoking, craft beer bar with Sports TV and with a bizarre Facebook page full of random cat photos how can you resist?!
The capacity is 22 people, so if we get a large crew it'll make sense to reserve tables.

So, if you are coming please register before so we can make sure everyone has somewhere to sit!

The Social will start at 6pm, so either you can head straight there, or even drop by the Footy tournament at Shibuya Sports Center and walk up with the tournament group.