Sunday Park Football

Sunday 7s football
27th August (Sun)
17:00 - 18:30

7s, 8vs8, 9vs9 we've already had full 11s! Park football on the Tama riverside fields.

2 official FA 9 aside sized portable goals perfect for large scale pop up games Futako-Shinchi side of the Tama river on the grass fields.

Park football is much better for 11s training than futsal as there is more space which changes how you are able to play. Also the uneven ground improves your touch and activates more muscles to handle stability and balance during movement.

We try to set up the pitch from about 16:45 and have teams ready to kick off at 17:00. The format depends on the numbers, but with a larger pitch and goals we generally play 7 minute matches. After 3 matches there is a longer break and we change up the teams, and then repeat.

When we have enough for 11s, we play 20 minutes. Then tweak teams if necessary and attempt to play 4 times.

Right now pop up football is open to all members and guests, and it will be a regular event every Sunday. It is geared towards 11s training since the reason we bought the goals was being repeated told we should have 11s training. Problem with Tokyo is getting/reserving a pitch, now we don't need one!

Please register by Friday 10pm.
If we don't have enough players the session will be cancelled.

In the event of bad weather it's only cancelled if you received an email. Otherwise expect to play.
As we treat this more like TML 11s training, cancelling for weather would for similar conditions that the TML would cancel for.
However if you decide you don't want to play please email the club in advance in case a lot of drop outs prevent us having enough people.