BEFC vs Shane FC

BEFC vs Shane FC
23rd June (Sun)

With Sala rained off this match sets up a potentially huge final, but we still have to win this one too!! It's that tight at the top. This match is at a far out pitch, at a late time on a Sunday night.... half the match will be won by the side who gets their players out there!!

But seriously we have to keep getting our best squad out for the final matches and playing the way we have in the last two games.
Last time we played Shane FC it was before Christmas and they shocked us with an early goal from distance. Thankfully this sparked off some of the best attacking we've done this season as we put three past them in about 10 minutes!

The point is, it is easy to be lazy but we can't afford that because goal difference could very well decide the champions and if we can do the sort of damage to Shane like we did to Sagarmatha that would put us ahead of SUNS for GD. Also Shane have at least two former Sala players in Scott Thompson and Toby Long, so they might well be looking to do their former clubmates a favour! Plus on their scoresheets have been Ryosuke Urai from Pumas and Nikolai Petersen from Panthers --- basically pulling in division 1 players to help them.

So take all the energy we had prepared for Sala and put in a big display against Shane. We want the win and we want goals, we want to make a big statement for the final match of the season!