FJC Plate: BEFC vs Jets

BEFC vs Saitama Jets
17th January (Sun)
MEET: 14:00 | KO: 15:10

The Plate match vs Jets has become our first match of 2016. It replaces a scheduled league match versus Zion FC which would have been the last match of the half season. We relegated Jets last season with a goal at the death from Alex, and were pleased not to ever have to travel to Redsland again. Well the joke is on us.
Jets struggled last season in Division 2 from not being able to score, but had a long succession of draws. However drawing doesn't get you enough points to stay up, unless there is someone really bad in your division.
However in a cup game you can always shut down the opposition, take it to penalties and work your way through (memories of Clash FC). Currently in Division 3 Jets are mid-table, winning, drawing and losing all equally. They do have a reasonably low goals against so we can assume not much has changed or that it is easier to score in Division 3.
Mainly in the games we played the tactic was largely long balling it and hoping the dubious bounce of the poor pitch surface got lucky one on one with a defender. However without enough pace upfront there wasn't much advantage gained. Defensively there are a lot of players packed behind the ball, and we spent a long time trying to find a way through the bodies. I think we can expect a similar match.

This game is Caner's last match, and will be the match of my birthday week, so we have to win :p