Onsen Remembers - NSK Soccer 7s Competition

NSK Onsen Remembers
18th December (Sat)
12:30 - 16:00

Onsen Remembers began as a follow on to the UK's 'Football Remembers Project' which was the 100 year commemoration of the Christmas Truce. The Christmas Truce was when soliders during World War 1 stopped fighting each other and played football together. The message of the project was that no matter what the situation or politics between people and nations, being human is more important and everyone can come together. NSK liked the concept and event so much that they want to repeat the event each year, and while it is not a 100 year commemoration, it is still an event where the idea is that everyone from all nations, backgrounds and so on come together and play football together. Because there is a really amazing onsen complex one station from their ground in Saginuma, the idea was that people could also all go to the onsen after playing football.

Onsen Remembers is a fun, invitational six team 7s tournament at NSK's grass pitch and sports club in Saginuma.
It begins with everyone being split into two teams, and then with multiple balls play against each other for about 10 minutes in the spirit of the Christmas Truce.

Then the 7s tournament begins which is a simple round robin.
This year there will be 6 teams with the hope we can create mixed teams.

  • NSK
  • The Keidanren
  • BEFC
  • Puma
  • USA
  • Ecuador

After the football finishes at 16:00 it becomes 'Onsen Remembers', and everyone is encouraged to travel (or walk) one station to Miyamaedaira onsen for a post football relax. http://yukemurinosato.com/miyamaedaira   (cost ¥1500)
This onsen also has a restuarant for the hungry too. The only thing we can't do is reserve getting in, so there is nothing we can do if it happens to be busy.
The date is a little later than normal but this is to accomodate the Keidanren team who are unable to play earlier due to a lot of high profile foreign visitors to Japan. 

All members are welcome to this event and we hope the ladies will help in making up our squad. The tournament will be about good football, so it's about enjoyment not winning. Although you can expect everyone to put out decent teams. Because of this we can have a generally big squad for 7s without a strict limit. I would think about 12 is good.

Remarks on Venue

  • There are no parking spaces available at the NSK pitch. Please don't try and park at the ground.
  • The NSK Saginuma ground is 100% Non-Smoking.

Please see the attach file below for Match Schedule and further details (English from Page 3)

---- and wear your Christmas Hats!!!

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