BEFC Vs Swiss Kickers

Saturday 16th June
Soga Station 12:00 - KO 13:10

After last week's results, this is a must-win match for BEFC so we need everyone to try their best to make it to this match. We probably need 4 points out of our last 2 matches to stay up so this game is crucial. 

Swiss Kickers are a funny team as we have no idea how good they are going to be. They played with their 'A team' against us a few months ago and were very good. They have also being known for fielding 8 players a couple of times this season so we have to be prepared for anything. 

Last week against Pumas we proved that if we are patient, disciplined and we stick to the plan we are very hard to play let's show that we are worthy to stay in Div 1.