FJC Cup - BEFC vs King George

BEFC vs King George - FJC Cup 2019
9th November (Sat)

Time for this year's FJC Cup against the team we love to beat, King George FC! Ever since KG made it into division 2 some seasons ago there has been some healthy slaying spearheaded by Jorge Marenco who I think has not failed to score against them.

Things are a bit different now with BEFC in Division 1 and King George back in Division 3. The real test for BEFC, and it should be a serious one, is dictating our tempo and game to our opponent. In too many past matches where we have felt better than the opposition we have played sloppily, and come down to the opponents level, tempo and speed making it hard on ourselves. No matter what team we play, to be a proper champion side, we have to always play to our own standard, and not drop it, no matter the situation and scoreline.

We are expected to win this one, and we should win it by a long way. King George will have nothing to lose, and in the cup teams often are able to bring in outsiders. If we don't smash them it will be a disappointment, and if it is because we don't play as we should then we have a lot of work to continue doing.

So, treat all matches the same, the Cup is a great chance to get into a final which we did in our first season in Division 1! We should be aiming to do the same.
Last thing to remember, is if you play for any other team in the Cup you cannot play for BEFC in it. Make sure you commit to the team you are going to play in the cup for, especially if you are also playing matches with Lions!