MIFA Embassy Cup 2017

MIFA Embassy Futsal Competition 2017
12th November (Sun)
Before 10:00AM

MIFA Embassy Cup 2017

It is that time of the year when we compete with the other embassies in Tokyo for the prestigious title of the best Footballing Embassy.
We will be fielding two teams, BEFC Red & BEFC White captained by Mark & Seth respectively.
A minimum of 5 players (including GK) per team, but we would ideally have 2 subs per team (or more).

We are familiar with the MIFA pitch, it is close, convenient and of good quality. This is a tournament we usually like to play, and despite last year's issues, we hope to get back and claim the trophy.

We will be playing 2 teams of 8 players each (3 subs).
Keeper will rotate throughout the game, but GK players will get more game time.
Extra kit will be brought for players who do not have their personal kit. For those without kit, please bring Shinpads and shoes!

Schedule is posted in the file below:
The format is a league style format so goal difference will be vital. The top 4 teams will then play a 3v4 and 1v2 game set.

Registration starts at 10.15 and the opening ceremony at 10.45-10.55

Games start at 11:00 and the rest is in the pdf attached.

1st - 100,000 yen worth of travel vouchers; Free access to MIFA Football Park; Free drinks and Food
2nd onwards - shame, embarrasment and a deep sense of defeat.



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