BEFC vs Kodansha FC

BEFC vs Kodansha
July 24th (Sun)
KO 12:00 Meet: 11:00

In December we played Kodansha for the Embassy Cup, which they won.

It was a good match up on a decent grass pitch in Saitama. We have the chance to get some revenge, and have some more training/ friendly matches in which we can try new things and be able to focus on improving our game rather than having to win the points.
This match will be a bit hot considering the time and date, but it is likely 4x20 minute periods and we can take it easy.

Match Fee will be : ¥1000 not the usual ¥1500.

The pitch is a taxi ride from the station, so consider that ¥500 assisting the taxi rides (taxi is around ¥1000).