BrewDog Cheese Pairing Sunday (Social)

BrewDog Japan, I Love Cheese -- Tokyo Cheese Buffet
17th April (Sun)
3 - 5pm

Our sponsor BrewDog is hosting a very special All You Can Eat British Cheese Buffet on Sunday. I've talked about the 'I Love Cheese' all you can eat events before and quite a number of club members were interested so as it ties up with BrewDog, it's a semi-social for those who love their cheese and craft beers.

On Sunday from 3 to 5pm, at BrewDog for ¥4000 you can eat all the cheese you like from a wide selection of 12 imported British cheeses. Plus 4 craft beers to help it go down.
I've been to the I Love Cheese events before it was at BrewDog and it's very good. Many specialist cheeses you definitely won't find in Japan, and not so easy to find in the UK too.

No need to register here, unless you want to let your clubmates know you're going.

There is a Facebook event page here:

Or you can phone: 03-6447-4160 to reserve your place with the organisers.