Shibuya Super 7s - The Sequel

TML Shibuya Super 7s
24th October (Mon)
19:00 ~ 20:20

After the success of Shibuya 7s in June, it's back!

4 teams, 3x 20 min matches
¥1500 per player

Other teams are likely Pumas, Celts and a Footy Competitions Japan team.
Both TML teams are Div 1 and decent so it'll be pretty competitive.

We'll look at roughly a 9 player squad and make it focused.
Priority will be for the players who turn out for previous 7s tournaments.

TML have the pitch from 18:20, so people can turn up from that earlier time if they like.
But the Kick off is 19:00. Likely due to players getting off work.

It's straight after our Saturday match vs Vagabonds, but that's not really something that stops us playing.