BEFC vs BFC Vagabonds

BEFC vs BFC Vagabonds 2016
22nd October (Sat)
Meet: 12:10 KO: 13:10

TML picks up again with a match against BFC Vagabonds who narrowly avoided relegation last thanks to Syu Syu Aoyama being kicked out of Division 2.
Vagabonds are currently at the bottom of the table losing to Dutch FC, Musketeers and then drawing 4-4 with Lions. Generally considered not to score much but strong defensively, Vagabonds tend to sit deep and do have some quick players for the counter-attack.

With regards to BEFC, we're poor against teams we think we have the advantage over because we slack off. These fixtures are as important as the top-end battles because it is about mentality to always be as intense and hungry no matter the position of the opponent. And Vagabonds are always in for a battle until the final whistle.

The venue is a bit of a pain in the butt for us as it is out near Omiya in Saitama. However it is a nice pitch to play on.