MIFA Embassy Cup 2019

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

*Open to all*

MIFA Embassy Cup 2020

We plan to ideally take one competitive team to get revenge on last year where we could have come first. 

PLAYERS: 5 players minimum (including the GK), plus a few subs. Let's try to at least have 8 in total.

There will be 8 teams in total


We will now enter 2 teams but will cap at 20 players.


Extra kit will be brought for players who do not have their personal kit. For those without kit, please bring Shinpads and shoes!
Fee: Depends on the number who sign up. Total per team is 25,000 Yen (Current price per person is: 2,631 Yen (as of 19 ppl)).

SCHEDULE: Meeting Time 11 AM (please arrive on time so we can collect payment and warm up)
                      Tournament 12 PM ~ 3PM

Lunch (onigiri) and drinks will be provided for free by MIFA at their cafe


Prize: Gift Vouchers

1st place: 80,000 yen

2nd place: 50,000 yen

3rd place: 30,000 yen

MVP: 20,000 yen

MIP: 20,000 yen


AFTER PARTY: There is no MIFA after party, but we will hold our BEFC bounenkai after from 7pm so sign up for that.