BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets

Lions vs Jets
Sunday 8th April 2018
14:45 at the station | KO 16:10

Return leg game vs the Saitama Jets, last game was a good one with some good displays from the team.
This is one of the last games of the season and a good chance for us to rake points we've played the top two teams of the division by now, so this marks the point where every win puts us closer to the top part of the table so we can end the season on a high.

Last time we managed a good result against the Jets, but the overall feeling was that we could do even better. Their pitch is a problem, but let's try to get to the station together and ride the bus there as a team, so we can warm up and get ready for a win.

As usual, write NK next to your name so we know to bring you Kit.

Let's win this Lions!