22nd April (Sat)

This is the big game! A win here makes it only possible for 1 team to catch us. And even if they do they will need to win all games, concede no goals and score more than 6 goals per game in the remaining matches. So we can win the league here unless some miracle happens.

JETRO so far have a bad record against us, since they do reasonably well against the other teams but not against us. They also have no reason to play anymore since it's very unlikely they can be promoted and definitely won't go down. We do however have a reason to win this! 

One thing to note about JETRO that despite the last two matches against us, they have a very good defensive record, especially the goalkeeper, and we need the win. 

For this match we have to focus on our game and not who the opposition are. We were too casual against Lions, we need to play against our own standards and focus on making all movement quick, moving the ball sharply and playing the sensible balls quickly and accurately until the space opens for us to attack into. 
Our matches are not only about beating the opposition, but each time trying to play better football than the last game, and this will be important to getting consistently to a high level to compete in Division 1.

So it's time to up the stakes! There is more in this for us:

  • If we win 3 of our last 4 games we can finish with more points than any other team in the TML over the last 3 years ( maybe more because we don't have older stats).
  • If we score more than 3 goals per game, and concede none we can have the best goal difference of any other team over the last 3 years.

So let's win the league, and let's also makes some records doing it!