FJC New Year Soccer 7s 2019

FJC New Year Soccer 7s 2019
5th January (Sat)

When: Saturday 5th January 2019
Time: 09:30~17:00
Where: YC&AC,  Yamate Station, Yokohama
Teams: Teams can register up to 12 players. On-field will use 7 players incl GK. Other players may sub on and off multiple times.  
Particapating teams: King George FC, Ye Boiz FC, FC Nomade, BFC Tokyo, Shunsuke FC, Peru FC, TZ Utd, Seohyeon Celtic.

We need to know who is about and up for playing 7s this year so we can enter a team.
Once we have 7 sign ups we'll enter the competition. If we are too late because all the spots are gone then it's too bad.
So registering early gives us more chance of getting a team in.