BEFC vs JETRO 2019
24th February (Sun)

The return match against JETRO deserves some sweet revenge. It should be vary hard to lose to JETRO even with 10 men, but we somehow achieved that during our start of the season shockers.
Now BEFC is back on track we should be dominating and taking the points. JETRO however are notable for their low goals against. That's mainly because they defend deep with 9 outfield players and leave one player up top for the counter attack.
In previous seasons against JETRO they have been the least threatening side we've played and there is always some surprise that they seem to do reasonably well in the league. Maybe the practice of simply playing not to lose works out for them.

We should have too much firepower for JETRO to deal with, however the challenge will be breaking down a stubborn team who likes to defend, but also not being naive and allowing them to steal a cheap goal by us losing patience.
Therefore this is a seriously good test again for Division 1 football in which we often got caught out over-attacking and being destroyed in the counter-attack. Even against less dangerous teams we should be smart about keeping our game tight and applying intelligent pressure without needing to be too hungry to see goals when we are dominating.

In previous games we match up very well against JETROs style. They shouldn't like to play us, and if nothing has really changed in the way they play this should be ours.