Takashi Football - 11s in Ichikawa

BEFC Takashi Football
27th June (Sat)
Meet: 16:40 | Play from 17:50 ~ 20:30

Long time BEFC stalwart Takashi is organising open 11s matches in Chiba, and BEFC members are welcome to attend.
The matches take place at Shintoku Elementary school in Ichikawa and participation is free.
It's casual 11s so you will join a team and depending on the numbers, players will be rotated. Likely played in 20 minutes periods.

BEFC are not organising this event directly so while you can register here, please contact Takashi for any details/arrangements.

Some participation details from Taka:

The school is no smoking place.
After the football game participants are expected to help with with maintenance of the ground.
You enter through the East gate. Please doo not use the West gate.

On the day Taka is warming-up from 17:30 and won't be answering his phone. So if you're late or have a problem it'll be too bad.