BEFC vs Sala

BEFC vs Sala 2018 Jan
20th Jan (Sat)

First league game of 2018 against our long time rivals Sala. Sala probably don't view it that way, but that's because since they dropped down into Division 2 (and back up again), we have never beaten them in the league.
Two season's ago it was Sala who defeated us in the last game of the season to win promotion over us. To be fair they probably did us a favour as I don't think we were ready for D1 at that time. Now we're in D to face off against Sala again and see where we stand, it's about time for a shake up.

Matches against Sala are always good meaty games, with their fair share of drama and at least one team moaning at the referee a lot. They are also usually very good competitively fun ones to play in.