BEFC vs Zion

BEFC vs Zion FC

The league maybe won but this is still a big game because Zion will be looking for their revenge! Last season's matches vs Zion were intense and we managed to best them both times. This season we continued our winning streak over them, but was a hard match with us playing at a really decent level. Some Zion players collapsed to the floor after the game just showing how much they were trying to defeat us in that game.

At that time in the season we both had singled each other out as rivals for the title. Zion's results have been up and down since, with Musketeers pushing ahead of them for promotion. However Zion have a game in hand and it is possible for them to finish above Musketeers with a string of wins.  Well they have to come through us first, and it'll all depend on how much they want it!
The Zion we play are better than Musketeers, better football, more complete team and on the basis of our matches in Division 2, would still say they are 2nd best.
To add to the story, Zion's Yusuke Kawano is 3rd top scorer and is the only player close enough to challenge Ken and Alo for the Division 2 Golden Boot. Needless to say, we cannot allow him to score any goals against us!!!

Games against Zion are always really challenging and great matches, so definitely a fixture in the TML season you want to get up for!
Also the match is at YC&AC with is a great venue, especially with the Sports Bar nearby afterwards....