BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets [RESCHEDULED]

Lions vs Jets
Sunday 25th February
14:00 at the station | KO 15:10


TML have rescheduled our game against Jets, following the cancellation over the frosty pitch in January, let's try bring a strong squad like the one we had lined up for the original date! Location has not changed, but the game is set to start one hour earlier so we can get there early and leave earlier as well!

The dreaded match agains the Saitama Jets for the BEFC Lions:
This will be our first match against Jets, and they are one of the larger unknowns for us in Division 3. From what we know they seem to be a Shane like team with a good amount of strong players and some fast wingers.
They have a few games in hand, and are doing decently on the table, so we can expect a tough match; however, if we keep solid at the back and keep that good play that we've been building up, we should be up for a good challenge.

Jet's play in Saitama Redlands, which is a bit far/complicated to get to. Since this will be our first time playing there, let's try to meet early at the station and head there as a team so we don't get lost.

To those who have been playing regularly, keep showing up, there is a clear difference now that we are all getting more familiar with each other and know how to play together... and let's keep enjoying the good game!