BEFC vs FC International

BEFC vs FC International 2018
24th February (Sat)
4pm (Pitch 14:30)

The return match against FC International. FC International were part of our baptism of fire into Division 1 and probably our best result. It was an intense match and coming back from 0 - 2, we drew the game in the last minute.
International as we know have a lot of quality players, ex-pro, semi-pros are in that team so we want the same spirit we showed when we faced them before.

This game is at YCAC and an earlier kick off (finally!!!). This means we should have some time after the match to enjoy a drink and talk about the season. We haven't had this chance for a long time and having team discussions is really important for us improving together. Since a lot of matches this season have been late we probably should take this a rare chance and make the extra effort.

The last match was unfortunate but our build up and defensive play deeply improved compared to previous matches. It is important for us to understand our positions and roles both when we have the ball and are trying to get it back. As well as think about what we do when we are in possession but we don't have the ball ourselves. Always talking to each other will help improve this as well as us talking together to make sure we all understand and agree to play a certain way.

The previous FC International match we went in with a plan, we stuck to it and it paid off.