FJC Halloween 7s

FJC Halloween 7s 2019
October 26th (Sat(

Less than 7 sign ups... can't enter a team

Footy Japan is running a Halloween themed 7s competition at YCAC. If we can get enough interest in early sign ups we can register a team.
If we don't have enough sign ups ahead of time there could be no team spaces left by the time we commit. So if you are up for playing please sign up early and encourage your team mates to do as well.

Here's more info plucked from their website:

Footy Japan will be hosting it's first 7's of Season 17. TML teams that join will not have a league game scheduled that weekend.
This will be a 7's tournament, 6 field players and a keeper. Each team can bring a squad of 13 players. Subsitutions are unlimited. The tournament will have a group stage followed by a knock out tournament.There will be no trick or treating going on but do not worry lads. My looks will provide you with all the eye candy you need.

Venue: YC&AC

Time: October 26, 13:00~17:30 (Captains meeting will be at 12:30)