Embassy Challenge Cup - BEFC vs Kodansha

Embassy Challenge Cup - BEFC vs Kodansha
20th December (Sun)
MEET: 13:15 | KO: 14:15

The Embassy Challenge Cup is back!!!
This special festive season match is on grass and against the football team of the huge Japanese publishing company Kodansha!

We will play for the fabled Embassy Challenge Cup...


Embassy Challange Cup

It's always a question to see how BEFC shapes up outside of the TML, so we're making the last game of 2015 interesting. For this match the rules are similar to TML with the only difference that it will be 4 quarters of 20 minutes, in an 80 minute game (Their request).

This is a good chance for us to test ourselves outside the TML, as well as be able to focus on specific parts of our team play, and try out more risky tactics.

The pitch is near Omiya where we have played some of our previous matches, but looks like a 15 minute taxi drive to the pitch. We might make some BEFC funds available to get us there and back.
There is a clubhouse at the grounds with hot showers and other things.

Let's bring back one more trophy for BEFC in 2015!!