BEFC vs Zion FC

BEFC vs Zion FC
3rd December (Sat)
KO: 16:00 Meet: 15:00

Getting towards the New Year's break with a serious clash against Zion FC. We beat Zion twice last season but both matches were battles with us fielding a strong line-up. The second match was the toughest one, and they had brought out a significantly stronger squad to play against us.  Out of all the current teams in Division 2, based on last season I would say Zion are the biggest threat. Other defeats were more about circumstance or disregard for the gameplan. Against Zion we were playing well, to the plan and well organised - yet they still were a strong opposition.
Zion spent second to last season in Division 1, so they also have that hardening experience to their play. Also they take their football seriously and even turn up with a manager! Rumour has it they've developed a naughty streak being tagged as the 'New Syu Syu'.... which is code for 'Cheating b******s'.
There's always a little bit of that to them, so we want a very strong squad for this and play it hard.