BEFC vs Hibernian

BEFC vs Hibs
14th September

Hibernian for a long time have been the perpetual champions of Division 1, only recently being dethroned by Pumas and a resurgent Kanto Celts. Hibs are a tough side to play against and have that veteran's experience and match intelligence. What Hibs are known for though is the best defensive record in the TML, and often Hibs league standings show success by lack of goals scored against them. This can be owed to their style of defending especially using a deep sitting sweeper to guard against counter attacks. Offensively they are obviously also strong and have some extreme pace from Yuki Stalp and a lot of goals from their top scorer Kunii Tomomitsu.

For BEFC, who generally get to play against D2 opponents, getting the chance against high level opposition is a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and find out how far we need to go to take on the TML's top teams.