4th November (Sun)

The last time we played GUTS was in our cup run with a 2 - 1 victory. They played a game very much like Aikido with a lot of grabbing and falling over, trying to make it look like they were fouled. It wasn't a pleasant game and we got frustrated with their behaviour until the referee finally believed us and caught they doing their naughty tricks.

Here's the MVP report from that match which is very commending of our opponent:

In that match we didn't play well, but we didn't play horribly either. But it was a disjointed match disrupted by their game style. If GUTS remember the cup clash like we do, you can likely expect it to be a grudge match.
Their goal was a mistake, so they didn't threaten much aside from backing into the defence, falling over to win free-kicks and then try and lump it into the box with their players grabbing shirts trying to win headers.
If we play our good game we should have too much for them, but we do have to be aware of their tricks and make it very clear also to the referee what to look out for. Once they got found out and stopped from cheating the match went very differently for them.

As for their play style, they were quite similar to JETRO, with close passing and trying to release strikers but not that much firepower up top.