Adecco MVP BEFC vs GUTS SC - Yuki Endo

  • Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs GUTS SC - Yuki Endo

BEFC headed out to the least liked venue in Soga to take on unknowns GUTS SC in the Footy Japan Cup quarter finals. With Hibernian knocked out by BFC last week it really opened up the chance for cup glory. Matched up with a favorable draw against a division 2 club BEFC would have to overcome the habit of playing badly when thinking they will win, and just never having a good game at the Soga pitch.

Having never played GUTS SC this was going to be an unknown battle, but BEFC soon found out who they were. Sportsmanship is a value of BEFC and we respect our opposition but in some cases it's just not deserved. In previous seasons a team called Syu Syu Aoyama were league wide known as being the most dispicable cheating gits insofar as eventually being 'asked to leave'. It's been a while now but it appears GUTS SC have decided they would like to challenge for that title instead of one relating to playing football. Football is widely known to be played with the feet, GUTS seem to believe it's played with their hands like Judo or perhaps Akido. Some of their players are in the wrong sport. Backing into opposition and tying them up with their hands, handing players off (in the face), pushing in the back, hands pushing down on shoulders and 100% obviously grabbing striker Takahashi around the waist from behind in the penalty area, and pulling him down as he tries to escape their grasp. It's all pretty dispicable and 100% sneaky cheating - hand offs, elbows and wrapping up opponents arms then going to ground is all cheating - not clever play. Let's call it what it is -- cheating and I have no problem saying it. Let's then on top we add the infamous Syu Syu Aoyama style linesman in which every ball through their backline is automatically an 'offside'. 

Now that's cleared up....BEFC didn't have a good game. The link up play was not smooth, the movement disjointed, but everyone pulled together and grinded out a win against a team that don't deserve to be in a quarter final. BEFC's frustration became shouty at themselves and it was justified. But this time rather than implode each player knew deep down the shouts about the performance were true and they dug in to pull together harder and make a tough but well played gritty win. In fact another win in this game could be for BEFC players keeping their calm with the opposition and not retaliating strongly to the constant cheating, despite some obvious flashpoints, which would have no doubt resulted in a card fest.

One player not yet cursed by the Soga pitch was debutant Yuki Endo, who brought to life the right wing, making smart passes and providing a forward threat with positive play. This was important especially in the second half where stringing together good balls and getting at GUTS was proving a problem. It was then his attack down the wing, only to be taken out by GUTS cheating, that earned the free kick that won the match. And it was his bullet header from that freekick that won it, looping across the back of the box and hitting an open channel to connect at speed and drill the ball into the goal. For his postive play and match winning header Yuki Endo is the Adecco Most Valuable Player versus GUTS SC.

BEFC are now in the semifinal of the FJC Cup and in the semis anything can happen!!