NSK Club 11s Friendlies

BEFC NSK Friendlies
8th Nov (Sat)
Meet 13:00 | Kick Off 13:30

On the weekend of the 8th we have no TML match and so we've arranged an open friendly with NSK on their grass pitch in Saginuma, 20 minutes from Shibuya on the Hanzomon/Denetoshi line.

From 13:00 we have the pitch for 3 1/2 hours to do what we like, and the plan is to play a couple of matches with two teams made up from BEFC, NSK and guests.This gives the TML squad plenty of practice playing together, and we can try all sorts of things out. Futsal members can join and play some 11s, and if necessary we can invite some guests to increase numbers.

Kick off is 13:30 and you can turn up anytime before really.

The first official meeting time is 12:45 at Saginuma station where Takuya our NSK host will walk us down to the pitch.
I'm going to head back around 13:00 and walk people down who turn up a bit later. This should give plenty of time to warm up.

TML members please bring your BEFC kit, and we'll also bring bibs to make out other teams.
Bringing your own ball along will also be helpful.

The cost for this is a mere ¥500 per person and thanks to NSK for hosting us on their pitch.