BEFC vs Syu Syu Aoyama

BEFC vs Sala 2016
21st May (Sat)
KO:11:00 Meet:10:00

Promotion deciding match against counter attack specialists Syu Syu Aoyama.

We need one more win to make it impossible for Sala to catch us, so we can seal it there and then.

Syu Syu are all about who turns up. They have 2 games to play before they meet us so we will be able to get some idea of their form. Their recent results are typically all over the place, but it is notable Vagabonds did them 3 - 0, (unless it was the forfeit they were docked points for).

Also they may or may not be in a relegation battle with Vagabonds depending on how their results go. If they are, we should probably expect a strong team to show up in order to avoid the drop.

Syu Syu are an all out attacking team looking to score more than the opposition. They are especially handy on the counter attack, but also are extremely susceptible to being countered themselves. Also their defence has consistently had trouble with high balls. While long ball might not have a good reputation these days, it is pretty effective against their back-line who don't like dealing with hanging high balls, and make mistakes.