BEFC vs Musketeers

BEFC vs Musketeers
25th September (Sun)
Meet: 13:30 KO: 14:30

Roughly 3 seasons ago Musketeers were in Division 2 alongside BEFC. They were always a decent outfit but dropped down into Division 3 where they began their climb back up the tables.
Held off barely by Pumas 2 seasons ago, Musketeers romped Division 3 to win their promotion. Notably their star striker Hiroshi Oogami netted 37 goals during their campaign, begging the question 'How is that possible!!?'
Division 3 teams who come up can often be pretty decent ('see Pumas and Fussa') because they are teams on the rise rather than maybe declining Div2 and Div3 teams. Therefore we get our 3rd tough match in a row against all new teams. Sounds like fun.

This match is a little close to our Thursday match, but as the TML know we have a large and enthusiastic squad they're hoping we'll be up for it.
Some of you might prefer it as it keeps us in the the groove.