BEFC vs FC International

BEFC vs FC Intetnational
30th Sept (Sat)

There is a long held conspiracy theory that the TML like to toy with BEFC, from dubious fixtures to convenient groups of death in tournaments. So our division one debut being the faced off again the top 3 teams in a row is par for course. Last season FC International chased Hibs all the way to the end of the season for first place, only dropping off finally at the end with defeat to Hibernian. Their losses all season only came at the hands of Hibs and one by Panthers (1st and 3rd respectively). The rest of their results were pretty convincing wins and losing out in the final game of a season reminds us of BEFC in TML13, and how it increased our motivation to achieve what we did last season. So we should expect that FC International believe they can win the league and motivated to do it.

FC International are generally known as the South American team of the TML with Imperio their feeder team. In fact Imperio's tragic existence in division one was due to most of their players actually belonging to FC International, so when Imperio were promoted their squad was crippled with the remaining players not really up to the standard of the ones who got them promoted. Consequently we know a few of FC International reasonably well, although how much they play a part in the current FC International we are not so sure. Notable players are Ricardo Lopez, known well by the Spanish community and known for being the 3rd choice goalkeeper for Manchester United. He is now director of the Arsenal Academy in Tokyo, previously the Japan National goal keeping coach and for FC International --- no he doesn't play in goal. The other player we know well is Marko Jaramillo, who was responsible for scoring most of Imperio's goals. Getting older now, but still a good player, Marko was the target for the 'kick it to the fast kid' tactic oft overused in TML D2 & D3.

Then there is Genki Nakamura, who seems to turn up on all kinds of teams and we know him from Division 2, Imperio, Syu Syu Aoyama and then joining Dutch FC to inspire their comeback. Nakamura is a professional player who often ends up playing overseas. Last season was in Malawi, previously in Peru as well as playing for Cerezo Osaka in 2008. You can see his history here:

Members from FC International also turn up for Ecuador's (or Colombia) Futsal team in AMIA competitions and they have a very strong centerback and a physical Japanese full back.

Not much else is known about FC International apart from ex-BEFC Viktor Oshiro turned up playing for them, who was also the guy who started a fight between BEFC and Sala for making strange comments about someone's mother. We didn't see him again after that match. Last season's results show their goals come from a variety of players but a large portion from Sukui Ono and Tatsuya Yabe.

No doubt this will be another intense game, and a great challenge against a team with former professionals and an unknown style.