FJC Cup - BEFC vs Pumas

BEFC vs Pumas
2nd March (Sat)

This will be a massive game on a lot of levels for a lot of reasons. BEFC have had plenty of run-ins with Pumas and most recently the FJC Cup Final defeat. Pumas have stepped up even more this season going top of Division 1 as this is written.
However we like to play Pumas probably a lot more than they like to play us. They are the intense matches we enjoy against our other favourite opponent Sala FC, although I feel that maybe Pumas don't share the same feeling. Simply it's a good match up because to win the cup you have to beat the best teams, and we know Pumas don't really like playing against us. We will need to be at our best though, and play more in the way we did in the final league match against them in D1 one than the cup.

Pumas are a strong and young side. They are respected since unlike other mercenary D1 (and other) teams, Pumas are made up from the same squad and group of players which also a key factor in what makes them a dangerous opponent. BEFC have had plenty of match ups against them, especially in 7s competitions and we know each others players well. Pumas are also the sort of team smart enough to go and read our match posts for any clues of how we might play against them so let's leave it here.

What we want are all our key players available, and playing in the build up to this match so we can be in good form for a huge game!