Weekday Tokyo 11s Training #2

BEFC Weekday 11s Football
27th Nov (Mon)
19:00 ~ 21:00

New BEFC Weekday 11s Training in Tokyo Continues

Training takes place in Tokyo on converted pitches that can take 7 ~ 10 players, and are closer to playing full pitch with the added intensity of a smaller pitch.
It's good training for 11s games to get quicker and better at moving the ball, as well as enough space to practice corners and sprint full tilt.

They are organised by Hoshino-san, not BEFC, and we join his events and get to play on the same team. He makes up the two teams from his pool of players.
The guys who usually play his sessions are Mid 20s Japanese with a range of skill, but all are pretty good and definitely a decent level to train with.

The sessions are friendly but its okay to be competitive.

The fee for this is ¥1000

It's on decent Astro.

AND... a little disclaimer that this event is not organised by BEFC so the club is not responsible for it regarding injuries, complaints blah blah.
It is first come / first served, so if Hoshino-san fills up from his player pools before you register then you can't play.
The club doesn't control this. The flip side is that if we can't get enough players, the BEFC team can be made up from his players.

The max is 20 people, each side is 10. So we can provide up to 10 players providing we inform him before other people from his pool sign up.
If we go over 10 there might be a chance to play for the other side depending on Hoshino-san.

Chin organises this with Hoshino-san, so Chin is your contact for these events.