Tokyo 11s Training - Hoshino FC vs Musketeers

Tokyo Football Training
January 10th (Sat)
KO: 13:00 ~ 15:00

BEFC 11s Training in Tokyo: Hoshino FC vs Musketeers

This is organised by Hoshino-san on his pitches in Shinagawa. However it just so happens he is getting a team together for a friendly versus ex- TML Division 2 team: Musketeers.
So what better warm up than to send along a BEFC delegation to join his side and thrash them.

These take place in Tokyo on converted pitches that can take 7 ~ 10 players, and are closer to playing full pitch with the added intensity of a smaller pitch.

The following points are important because this is not organised by BEFC:

- When you sign up, we will contact Hoshino and he will add you to his roster. If you sign up on BEFC late and he has no spaces left, that's too bad. There is nothing BEFC can do.
  We don't monitor available places, not our event so there might be last minute spots available or not.

- If you sign up and are on the roster, you MUST attend. Failure to turn up means you owe Hoshino the match-fee, which someone at BEFC will have to cover. It also makes us look bad for future registrations. So if something comes up (which they do), contact us very quickly or better...find someone to go in your place.

- We'll be playing as part of another team in this match, so you'll play where you are put and sub as their captain sees fit.

- The fee for this match is ¥1000.

- Please make your own way to the pitch and aim to be there before kick off with as much warm up time you think you need.

- You can try and self register on the link at the top of the page. If you do make sure you state BEFC in the comments on his form.
On the BEFC form, please register and write that you have registered with Hoshino in the comments.

I'll try to add you as you sign up, when I check the site. When you are confirmed I will write it in the comments.
You can also register by emailing me (Ben) directly.

I'd like to work on registering with Hoshino more easily, so a Japanese speaking volunteer to work it out with Hoshino would be appreciated.
My disclaimer is that it should be perfectly fine but until we do this a few times I'm not guaranting it always goes smoothly.

---- Places on this one look almost full up now. Maybe room for one more.