Friendly 11's Weekday Game

Thursday August 3rd
20:00 *meet 10 mins. before at pitch

Good Evening All,

One of our members has kindly found a friendly 11-a-side game for us to replace our futsal-less Wednesday!!
This would be a 2 hour long game near Ochiai, and is an open event for all those who wish to join! The pitch is quite nice, and quite central as well.
It would be a great opportunity to have a game for our D3 Lions, but D1 members, especially those that wanted to play futsal tonight are welcome to join!

The cost would be of 1000Yen per person, however if we are able to get 11+ players the cost would go down to around 800 yen per player (increasingly going down as more people join!). If you do indeed sign up, you will be expected to show up, as the fee will be charged regardless! So please sign up and don't drop out!
Initially we would field one team, however some players might be borrowed by the other team as well if they cannot find enough players.

I am aware this is quite last minute, but I hope that we can get some good game time tomorrow evening, and perhaps even make it a good TML Warm-Up session!

If you have any questions please drop an e-mail to the futsal [at] address.