BEFC Vs Jetro FC

BEFC Vs Jetro FC
15th September (SAT)
10:30 am

Second match of the season against Jetro FC. Of course we don't know how good they are this year but they seemed to struggle against us when we played them 3 times during TML 14, twice in the the league and in the TML Cup too. Funnily enough the scoreline was 4-1 to BEFC in all three matches so I think it's fair to say that we enjoyed playing against them.

Typical Japanese team, skillful players and silky passing from the back but couldn't cope with the physical game we played. Again, we don't know how many new players they might have so we can't take them for granted but based on last year's performance, they haven't improved that much.

So this is our opportunity to send a clear message to the rest of the TML 2 teams that BEFC are stronger than ever and we want to be back to where we belong in Division 1.

Early kick off in Komaba Sub Ground in Saitama so make sure you are ready for this one. Details to follow about meeting point and time.