Plate Match: BEFC Lions vs Oakwood Clash

Lions vs Oakwood Clash
January 14th
18:00 at the station | KO 19:00

First game of the year for the BEFC Lions, against a team with some old faces from the BEFC olden days!
Lions will be playing against Oakwood Clash, a team with a long history and some connections to the Lions, including some players that might be familiar to our OBs.

Clash play an aggressive and strategic game and will be a good team for the Lions to pick up and start the year with a push, a victory against them will send us a few positions up the table and will also be a good show against a team we have never played against. They are often a strong mid table team in Div 3 and as such they are at a level were we should be aiming to compete against and pull off another King George like game.

We are all familiar with Hachioji by now, so let's meet at the station a bit earlier so we can grab cabs to the pitch and warm up together, as usual do not enter the pitch unless there is another TML match going on. This is a late Sunday game, so we don't expect to have an after game dinner, but let's try to meet there and head out quickly together so we can get a good rest afterwards.