FJC Semifinal BEFC vs BFC

BEFC vs BFC 2018 FCJ Cup
14th April (Sat)

So this one actually is the semifinal and we know going into it that if we play our best game and fix our mistakes we will win this.
Our key focus has to be minimising the chance of mistakes or being caught out in possession. If we do that as shown in the league game, we have much more quality to play football and do damage to them. I'm pretty sure they also know this from the match too and they will be counting on us to make those mistakes and then choose that moment to pounce.

We have a huge chance of reaching the finals in this game and finally getting justly deserved revenge.
We know how BFC play and there isn't really anything that special to them apart from the speed of counter on transitions. We've been able to keep their target man quiet and they don't really have much else obviously on offer apart from the aforemention counter attack speed.

So this semifinal is about us. We play our best game and we win. Let's win.