BEFC vs Fussa

BEFC vs Fussa
23rd March (Sat)

With BEFC not managing a team for entering the Footy Japan Masters competition, the TML have snuck us in a cheeky late night fixture against Fussa. Fussa are sitting at the bottom of the league at the moment and at time of writing just took a massive 10 - 0 hammering from JETRO. We can only assume they couldn't field a full team like a lot of clubs around this time of year. We beat them 4 - 1 at the start of the season and we should expect to achieve something similar. However Fussa aren't a team to take lightly because they have been one of the teams BEFC has least enjoyed competing against. This is mainly because in general, a lot of their players are very fit and they don't stop running and chasing us down all match. Usually they let themselves down tactically and technically but definitely not for intensity and effort.

This is the sort of game we must win to keep up at the top of the table because not many other leading teams will drop points here.

Another late kick off in Hachioji is a bit of pain, but at least it's a Saturday night and not Sunday.... and it's not Soga!! So let's get out there and enjoy our football.

Also you may notice it Tim's 30th birthday party in Yoyogi park this day, but please don't get loaded and then turn up to the match thinking you are capable of playing 11s. Save the rampaging until after the final whistle and make sure there is even more to celebrate.