NSK Football and Onsen Remembers Friendly Cup 2015

BEFC x NSK Football Remembers 2014
6th December (Sun)
13:00 ~ 18:00

Last year BEFC and NSK took part in the UK's Football Remembers Project which was the 100 year commemoration of the Christmas Truce.
You can check it here: http://britishembassyfootballclub.jp/news/csr/football-remembers-befc-ma...

The Christmas Truce was when soliders during World War 1 stopped fighting each other and played football together during Christmas. The message of the project was that no matter what the situation or politics between people and nations, being human is more important and everyone can come together.

NSK liked the concept and event so much that they want to repeat the event this year, and while it is not a 100 year commemoration, it is still an event where the idea is that everyone from all nations, backgrounds and so on come together and play football together.

This year though the idea is that first we will begin with the now traditional opening match of two team made up of everyone playing, with many different balls for 10 minutes.
Then the players will be divided into 7 aside teams and there will be a small 7s competition.

After the football finishes at 16:00 it becomes 'Onsen Remembers', and everyone is encouraged to travel (or walk) one station to Miyamaedaira onsen for a post football relax.
This onsen is very awesome and already a favourite of Inaki and Ben:
Cost ¥1500

For those still wishing to carry on the festive spirit, drink and eat together, there is a room booked in Uotami, Miyamedaira which is kindly supported by NSK.
The estimated cost is about ¥3000 ~ ¥4000 for the party menu. The overall cost is also being sponsored by NSK, so might be less.   

If you're going to the BEFC Christmas Party the night before we encourage you to turn up in your Christmas Hat!
Also last year we all wore our national team shirts. So we can do that again.

All parts of Football and Onsen are optional, so you can join any of the stages. Just please say so in the comments.
If you are attending the Dinner, it would be very useful to register by the Wednesday before so we can tell Takuya the numbers.

For more details please read the Powerpoint file from Takuya attached to this post.

Our friends from Adecco, Keidanren will also be attending.