Lions vs Dutch

BEFC Lions vs Dutch FC
October 8th
16:15 @ Soga Station

BEFC Lions head into their 4th game of the season against former Div. 2 outfit, Dutch FC.
Dutch FC are a strong team with a line-up that tends to change depending on the match. Last season they almost managed to avoid relegation with a pretty solid last spurt in the league, but were unable to catch up in the end. This means we should expect a stong team that looks to get back to Div 2 with a stronger (and more aggresive) mentality.

The game is at Fukuda Denshi, which is a bit of a walk away from the station, Soga, which is why we will meet slightly earlier so we can walk there and warm up.

This will be a game against a team with a very different style to Vagabonds and AoB, and a great chance to test ourselves against a good opponent.

Since this is a long weekend, please double check before signing up. Let's avoid last minute drop outs!