BEFC vs Real Celts

BEFC vs Real Celts 2018
21st October (Sun)

Coming off the back of a 4 - 1 victory over Fussa, let's hope the Real BEFC are back to being BEFC now, and can continue the high level of performances we expect. Real Celts won't be a pushover. In the last two seasons they pretty much had a renewal of players and two seasons ago won D3 quite handsomely. Last season in Division 2 they began strongly although were also on the end of some hammerings.

There are three main points to this fixture:

  • Everyone wants to beat the teams that come down from Division 1. So we have to match their effort and desire to inflict an upset. This extra drive is what we see in cup upsets so don't underestimate them, and our motivation of pride should be greater.
  • Real Celts are the 2nd team of Division 1's Kanto Celts. This means they could well be fielding Division 1 players, the same way some of our guys also play for Lions.
    Even more reason to not treat them lightly if they bring in the D1 players
  • Ex-BEFC veteran Will Ryan stopped playing with BEFC to open his very nice Irish bar An Solas in Yoyogi. However this season he has 'shockingly' become a sponsor of Kanto Celts!!! Will's a Tottenham fan, so was Sol Campbell --- and that gives us an extra beef to this matchup! Steak knives out lads!

This match is at St.Mary's in Futako-Tamagawa, which is less than 20 minutes out of Shibuya. Consequently we'd expect to see a lot of sign ups for this one!
Squad selection will be up to the coach and captain so just be aware this one is likely to be popular.

Since this is a lunch fixture, near Tokyo and there are a lot of nice places in Futako, it's very possible to go for some food and drink together afterwards.
If you are up for it, please write DK in the comments.

Finally St.Mary's is a smaller pitch, so the style of play is impacted. Some teams use this to their advantage, especially less active ariel teams.
So be aware we might adapt our strategy slightly for attacking and defending on a shorter field.

Please remember:

  • (NK) If you need to use team kit please put NK in the comments (NK)
  • (TM- ) If you have Team Kit you've been allowed to hold, please put TM and the shirt number in the comments.
  • (DK) If you can go for some food / drink afterwards please put DM in the comments.