E's Cafe and Futsal

E's Cafe Tama City and British Embassy Football Club Futsal Event
9th April (Sun)
16:00 ~

To celebrate the opening of E's Cafe and a chance to visit as well as play futsal, we've booked a futsal court next to E's Cafe for 2 hours (If you don't know about E's Cafe and BEFC's involvement please read the news here). We'll head down to Tama Center and start by playing futsal from 16:00 ~ 18:00. Then we'll all head next door to enjoy good food, drink and company at the Cafe. 

The futsal court ('Futsal Stage') is the indoor type on a sports hall like surface. Anyone who has played in the AMIA tournament will know what we mean. Therefore you need to bring indoor courts shores (gym shoes) to play in, and they must be non-marking and have not been worn outside (eg. Clean soles).

We'll make team from everyone who signs up and run it like a Wednesday futsal session. However let's all bring our BEFC shirts, and I'll bring extra team kit shirts so we can look like a club. If we don't smell too bad afterwards, even wear them in the cafe ( like with Brewdog maybe).

E's have reserved the court for us, and we may get a discount on it, but to make sure we can cover the cost there is a fee of ¥1500 per player (standard match fee).
Everyone is welcome to register for this event, and while there is no limit we will need to be sensible for the futsal numbers. However we can deal with that if it happens.
Of course.... no limit for the Cafe.

However if you come to play futsal, you are expected to come to the Cafe afterwards! That's the point of the event!

A link to Futsal Stage is above in the location information.
Additional link above is to E's Cafe location.