FJC Cup - BEFC vs King George

BEFC vs King George - FJC Cup 2019
13th January (Sun)

First game of 2019 is the FJC Cup run against King George. BEFC love to play King George and we also have some added revenge on the behalf of Lions since it was in the previous round that King George's win over Lions sent them onto the cup draw with us!

We should be looking to put in a strong run in the cup again this year, especially as we want more games against Division 1 level opposition, and it's always important to start after the break with intent!

King George will know what they are going up against, and in cup matches (and derbys) teams raise their game. They finished the season with a 6 - 1 battering of Bruno FC, so they may well be up for an upset.

What's important for us is to continue developing our style strongly and getting it up to a speed and level where we can play it at Division 1 level and expect to compete and stay up. The last game was excellent in watching how we transitioned and exploded into attack and we want to repeat that and be smashing in even more goals. Having a strong attacking unit, working together so well is something we have to keep developing as it can be really something.

For the defence, we've always been strong but also the build up play, creating the space to start the transition into attack has also be really progressive too.
So we have plenty to work on refining our game and if we work hard the progress will be reflected by the results!

Things are coming together nicely so let's get off to a big start for 2019!