BEFC vs Tokyo Banana

BEFC vs Tokyo Banana
23rd September (Sat)
17:00 - 20:00

[ Match Cancelled Due to Pitch Condition ]


Futsal member Hiroyasu is affiliated to the 11s club Tokyo Banana who invited us to join a 3 team series of matches in central Tokyo. After checking our TML schedule there is opportunity for a match before playing FC International in the TML.

This can be an important training match for us to get a warm up in before FC International where we can focus on link-up play and other parts of our game without the intensity and necessity to win. This only works if regular players show up. In training games before we have always had some regulars absent who always play league matches which has meant we could never really get the true benefit of a training game.

To emphasize again why it's important is this - In a TML game we cannot experiment and take risk with league points at stake. We can't stop and focus on a specific part of our game when we have to concentrate on winning. In a training game we can try a different formation, work on HOW we play out from the back, focus on speeding up our passing and movement and how we transition from defence and attack, practice a full press properly and not care about the danger, then also practice a low block and discipline to stay compact and evaluate the difference.
Doing any of those would have helped us immensely against Hibernian and now we know the level and speed of a top D1 team we need to practice at the type of speed before we play the number 2 top D1 TML team.

So let's try to have a good turn out, and think about playing these matches to improve our game before we go into another tough fixture.

This pitch is a DIRT pitch, so not ideal and not wise for rough play. However since should be working on HOW we move the ball around, speed of link up play and formation in both attack and defence we shouldn't be playing hard and so the pitch is less of an issue.

This is also a good opportunity for players we haven't seen in a while to remind us of their ability and where they fit into the full squad.
With the venue in Yotsuya by Yotsuya station it's nice and convenient for many of us to get to.

Finally it's a good opportunity to have time together as the squad to talk about how we play, how we would like to play and things we can try. Normally there is little chance to do this as a team. The closest we ever get is drinks after YCAC for the players who stay. However the chats we did have did a lot for the improvement of our game because before changes can happen the team have to understand the idea and agree as a group to try it.